DOORspec Transit Industry After Market Services

As you know, new acquisitions don’t stay that way for long, that’s where DOORspec comes in.

At DOORspec, we understand every aspect and every component in regards to OEM rail car door systems. When your existing assets need to be refurbished, re-engineered or redesigned in order to meet new rail specifications or working conditions, we at DOORspec understand the task at hand. As after market specialists in the field of transit rail door systems, we have the skills and requirements to meet your demands.

When you need door product implementation, you can rely on experts who not only know how to handle doors, but they understand every train door application out there. Looking for replacement parts for your train doors? Need to validate existing door parts? Wondering which product substitutions are available? Our qualified and experienced technicians offer on site and remote service support for all your transit system door needs.

door_spec_service_icon_06DOORspec – Spare parts supply

• Extensive diagnostic capability using purpose made test jigs specifically for doors.
• Door test equipment design and manufacturing.
• Software upgrade and development for all door related operations.
• Product repair and refurbishment for electrical and mechanical door parts.
• Load test & thermal cycling.
• Hi Pot, continuity and functional testing.
• Detailed failure analysis.
• Full routine test.
• Door calibration where required.
• Surface mount and through hole printed circuit board repair and modifications.
• Obsolete component replacement research, validation and substitution.
• Qualified and experienced service & repair personnel.
• On site and remote service support.