Our Key Team Members

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Mathieu CharbonneauPresident - Lead Engineer
Mechanical engineer with 14 years experience in the transit industry. 10 years experience in door system project management. Former lead engineer and engineering project manager at Curtis Door Systems.
Stuart Crisp Vice-President – Lead System Engineer
Electronics engineer with over 40 years of experience, mostly in the rail industry in the UK and North America. Over 25 years working on the design, software and safety analysis of door systems for London Underground, SMC and Curtis Door Systems.
Jean Bernard LandryChief Engineer
Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years experience in mechanical design and15 years experience on door system mechanical design. Former engineering director at Curtis Door Systems.
Pierre Tremblay Financial Officer
30 years experience in high value and critical system purchasing in the transit industry and in the financial control of businesses. Former procurement agent at Bombardier and Curtis Door Systems president.
David CrispPlanning & IT
20 years experience in IT and related areas, 6 years experience in planning for manufacture and multiple small volume orders. Provides IT and technical support for our CAD and remote networking.
Denis ArbourProduction supervisor
25 years experience in transit systems door panel manufacturing. Previously a team leader at former Canadian door panel manufacturer Milufab.