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Nobody reads case studies, frankly they can get quite boring. Here’s our unique way of putting forward recent projects, innovations and success stories we’ve had with a variety of projects and custom applications. Easy to read through, these DOORspec snippets are meant to give you a birds eye view of what gets done on a day to day basis.

Please note that these reviews are not client specific in order to respect individual client project confidentiality. This information reflects actual DOORspec projects in summary. If you would like in depth information on a subject covered in these reviews, please feel free to contact us for more information, we’ll be glad to elaborate further on a one to one basis.

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Case ID#179: Upgrading

The client had a problem with the reliability of the door sensitive edge system on a fleet of 30 year old vehicles. We updated the system using the latest type of electrically conductive obstacle sensing door nosing seals. We designed purpose built electronics to interface with the existing door controllers and provide remote malfunction indication.


Case ID#180: Retrofit

This customer had been successfully overhauling the air cylinders used on his door system for about 20 years, a tribute to the long life of the original part. Due to irreparable damage on some cylinders, the client had exhausted his stock of original spare cylinders. We were able to re – engineer and organize the manufacture of a replacement part using most of the same components so that the same consumable items such as seals could still be used.


Case ID#181: Consultation

This client came to us with a problem caused by occasional contact bounce of the safety relays in their vehicle ATC system resulting in doors failing to open. As it was going to be very expensive and take a long time to resolve the ATC issue, we came up with a software solution in the door system software to enable the door system to recover automatically, thus preventing the major service disruption caused by all doors on one side of the car failing to open.


Case ID#182: Test equipment

This client came to us with a problem in detecting issues caused by contact resistance on relays in door control panels. We designed an automatic test bench that could carry out a full functional test of the control panel, measure contact resistance of the relays, determine if they were acceptable or not and print out a report of the results. We also provided on site training in the use of the equipment to the customers staff.


Case ID#178: Innovation

This client came to us looking for a solution on a system that was not providing the minimum opening width to respect ADA regulation. The problem was coming from the fact that the existing door pocket was not deep enough to accept a larger panel. We came up with a new design of panel that includes a self-retractable panel which deploys when the door is closing. The solution was built and installed in the trains that are now in operation.